Board of Directors

Rob and Jean Dunk - Founding Directors

Rob and Jean Dunk
Rob and Jean Dunk
Founding Directors

Rob and Jean Dunk have devoted their lives to helping people.

Rob and Jean met in 1955 when they both left their hometowns in country New South Wales, Australia to study at the Commonwealth Bible College in Brisbane, Australia. After three years of study, Rob completed his probationary period and was ordained as a Minister of Religion with the Assemblies of God (Now Australian Christian Churches) in Australia in 1960. Rob and Jean married in 1960 and over the next 37 years, pastored a number of churches in regional New South Wales and Brisbane, Queensland. During the 1970's Rob managed Gospel Publishing House in Australia and was editor of the Assemblies of God's monthly magazine - The Australian Evangel.

While pastoring a city based church in Brisbane, Mercy International was established in 1985. Over the next 12 years, Rob and Jean continued to pastor the church in Brisbane and lead the development of Mercy International and in particular the children's Village in Petchabun. In 1997 Mercy International's growth needed their full-time attention and Rob and Jean decided to focus completely on Mercy International.

The subsequent expansion of the work in Thailand is testament to their vision, dedication, hard work and their philosophy of investing in children to see them reach their full potential.

Rob and Jean are very proud of their four children who were always encouraged by them to strive for excellence and to honour God in their lives. They are all very successful in their fields of work and employment. Rob and Jean have four delightful grandchildren who are also loved and encouraged to reach their full potential.

Until recently Rob and Jean had no thoughts of retirement because they were doing what they loved most and they have both said many times this work is the most fulfilling thing they have done in their lives.

Sadly though, Rob passed away on Wednesday evening 29 March 2017 and is greatly missed by all who knew and worked with him. Wonderfully though, his vision to change and improve the lives of disadvantaged children continues on through Mercy International.

Jean continues her work in this ever expanding organisation, dividing her time between Thailand and Australia.

Sharon Dunk, Rob and Jean's daughter, has been appointed as director to lead the work in place of Rob.

See the Contact Us page for current contact details.

Pawinee Angnoi - House of Mercy Founding President

Pawinee Agnoi
Pawinee Agnoi
House of Mercy
Founding President

Pawinee Angnoi was born 28th January 1966 in the Lomsak District Thailand.

She grew up on a rice and small crop farm with her eight brothers and sisters in a small village near Ban Meata Children's Village. Her parents and family are known as people of integrity in the community.

In her early twenties, Pawinee went to work for an Australian family sent to Thailand by Mercy International to commence homes for orphans and disadvantaged children. These people helped Pawinee complete her High School education plus undertake 3-short term Bible School Courses.

During the 1990's Pawinee was a key person assisting Mercy International in the growth and development of the work plus the establishment of House of Mercy Foundation in Thailand where she serves as the Founding President.

During 2002-2006 Pawinee attended Radjaphat Open Adult University. She completed a Diploma in Community Development and graduated with her Bachelor Degree in Education and Teaching. Subsequently she has completed a Master's Degree in Educational Administration.

Pawinee continues to serve Mercy International/House of Mercy Foundation in the ever increasing expansion of the work.

Mark Ellwood - Director

Mark Ellwood
Mark Ellwood

Mark Ellwood (BSc, M Psych Applied) is an organisational psychologist with international development experience managing and facilitating child focused development projects in South-East Asia, Afghanistan, and Africa.

He is an active volunteer who helps to develop strategies and to build Mercy International�s capacity through projects across their operations in Thailand.

He is also a proud sponsor of two children at Ban Meata Children�s Village Phrae.

Mark was appointed to the Mercy International Board of Directors in October 2009.


Rod Brady - Director

Rod Brady
Rod Brady

Rod Brady (B.Ed.ST M.SchMgmt.) is a retired School Principal who is now using his professional education background to enhance the quality of education at Meata Chanupatham School.

Rod and his wife, Caroline, volunteered in Thailand in 2001-2002. At that time, they were involved in the establishment of Ban Meata, Home for HIV/AIDS children in Khon Kaen plus the establishment of Meata Chanupathum School in Phetchabun. Rod and Caroline make regular trips to Thailand each year. They sponsor a HIV teenage boy living at Ban Meata Khon Kaen.

Rod was appointed to the Mercy International Board of Directors in 2008.


Alvin Tan and Linda Lua - Directors

Alvin Tan and Linda Lua
Alvin Tan and Linda Lua

Alvin Tan and Linda Lua first met in 1994 and were married in 2001. They were born and grew up in Singapore.

Alvin and Linda came to Australia for higher degree education and have since been living and working there. Linda runs a production / research facility at The University of Queensland and has a Bachelor in Applied Sciences - Biotechnology (Hons) and a Phd in Biological Engineering. Alvin has a global sales and marketing role for an American biotechnology company - Luminex Corporation and has a Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering and Masters in Business Administration.

Alvin and Linda share a passion for improving the lives of disadvantaged children, especially the children of Thailand and in 2008, volunteered at Mercy International's Thailand operations. They immediately fell in love with the children and have since been actively involved with Mercy International in Australia and Thailand.

Alvin and Linda also sponsor a beautiful girl living at Ban Meata Phetchabun.

Alvin and Linda were appointed to the Mercy International Board of Directors in 2009.


Mercy International and House of Mercy Foundation

Mercy International (Australia) established The House of Mercy Foundation to fulfil the legal requirements in Thailand. Whilst they are two separate legal identities, they are united in their efforts to see increasing numbers of poor and disadvantaged children in Thailand assisted to reach their highest potential in life.

House of Mercy is a well respected Thai foundation established in 2000. The name Mercy International was not available in Thailand.