Agriculture Projects


Fish Farming
Fish Farm Petchabun

Mercy international/House of Mercy Foundation has developed a fish farm to provide the children in their care, including the 1000+ students in their school, with a well balanced protein diet. Any excess fish harvested are sold in the local markets.

The fish farm was established in 2007 as part of the new Abundant Acres Agricultural Project, located close to Ban Meata Childrens Village, Phetchabun.

Fish farming is a simple, economical way to provide an ongoing high protein diet which helps to alleviate malnutrition. Under a controlled environment free from industrial contaminations thousands of fish can be produced in a short period of time. There is little cost involved in feeding the fish as they eat green vegetables.

Fish Farm Petchabun

It is planned that the fish farming project will include Micro-Enterprise training.

By teaching families in underprivileged areas to be self sufficient, a small, easily maintained fish tank can make a huge difference to the nutritional requirements of a family.

Micro-Enterprising: Give a man a fish and he eats for one day - teach a man to fish and the whole community eats.

Fish Farm Petchabun
Fish Farm Petchabun
Fish Farm Petchabun
Fruit Tree Farming
Fruit Tree Farm Petchabun

Forty acres of excellent land was purchased close to Ban Meata Children's Village Phetchabun for producing a large variety of fruit trees. The land was cleared, landscaped and developed which included numerous large dams. In excess of 2500 fruit trees were planted, including favourites such as mango, banana, paw-paw, jack fruit, durian, macadamia, lime and asian guava, coconut palms etc.

Many are already producing health-giving fruit for the children. Over 1200 teak trees were also planted as a long-term investment.

Fruit Tree Farm Petchabun

The purpose of all the agricultural projects is to develop self-sufficiency, along with other long term benefits. These include ongoing supplies of healthy fruit for the children; on the job training opportunities for our teenagers, and a further source of income.

The Purpose of the fruit tree farm is to have abundant healthly fruit for the children and provide training and job opportunities to teenages in the care of Mercy International.

Cattle Farm
Cattle Farm Petchabun

The cattle project was commenced in a small way in 2005 with four cows. There are now (2013) 40 cows.

New developments include:

  • Rice Planting: In 2011 eight acres of land on the farm was prepared for growing rice each year. It has been a very successful project in House of Mercy Foundation's aim towards sustainability.
  • Worm Farm: In 2011 a worm farm was established to help produce fertiliser for the fruit trees and vegetable gardens. It's cost effective and chemical free organic fertiliser.
  • A duck farm was commenced in 2012 close to one of the dams on the agricultural farm with 55 ducklings. This has proved another excellent project in House of Mercy Foundation's aim towards sustainability.

The purpose of the cattle farm is to provide financial turnover for Mercy International / House Of Mercy Foundation as well as protein for the children in their care.

The project will also provide training, work skills and job opportunities for teenagers in Mercy International / House Of Mercy Foundation's care plus families in local villages.

Cattle Farm Petchabun
Cattle Farm Petchabun
Duck Farm Petchabun
Rice Farm Petchabun