Volunteers help Mercy International to achieve our vision to see Thai Children reach their highest potential by giving life, a future and hope.

We welcome the following volunteers to apply to Mercy International:

  • Construction – Advisors
  • Agriculture / Farm workers – Advisors
  • Teaching English

Vounteer With Mercy International

Experience an adventure of a lifetime volunteer with Mercy International in Thailand.

Important Note

If you are thinking of applying as a volunteer with Mercy International, please note the following.

All foreign volunteers coming to serve in Thailand for one month or more are required to:

  • Complete the Mercy International application form and attach a personal photo
  • Apply for a police check
  • Have a current passport for travel
  • Submit list of medications and conditions
  • Have sufficient finance to live on and any travel expenses
  • Read the Volunteer Manual

Teachers coming to teach English are required to have:

  • A police check
  • A transcript of their teaching degree or another degree plus a TSOL certificate

Mercy International operates all facilities on a Christian basis. We do not discriminate between faiths and we trust that the Christian ethics we live by will be respected by all volunteers.