Community Development

Mercy International’s community development is providing assistance and support for the poor and needy in the local villages to help break the poverty cycle.

Many of the poor and needy are the elderly, women and children.

Mercy International provides:

Food and Care packages

Visits to the Hospital

Someone to talk with and bring encouragement


Assistance in supplying uniforms, books and stationary

English language teaching

Life skills development programs

Christmas and Easter programs

Basic home improvements to offer higher grades of safety and hygiene

Mercy International also goes into local schools to assist children in English Language, improving personal health and Life skills development. Programs are also developed to teach the Christmas and Easter message in an atmosphere of God’s love and creative fun-filled ways.

Micro Enterprising

Micro enterprising is a great way to help underprivileged families break out of the poverty cycle.

Pig Farm

Helping a poor family to set up a piggery is a great way to help them out of their poverty stricken lives.

Sewing Project

Empowering disadvantaged women from the local villages in sewing skills, this will enable them to set up their own business.

Support Community Development

Your $40.00 per month will enable Mercy International to support the poor and needy in local villages and also allow them to expand their outreach into other communities.