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In 1974 Rob & Jean Dunk were challenged to adopt John Wesley’s perspective on Christianity – “The world is my parish”. They, with the support of their city-based church in Brisbane, Australia, helped and supported many people and organisations around the world that were making a difference in people’s lives.

In the early 1980’s Rob & Jean focused on Thailand, each year they held teaching seminars across Thailand for Pastors. It was during these times that they were challenged to do something for the disadvantaged children of Thailand.


Mercy International was commenced in 1985 by Rob & Jean with the support of their church. The sole aim of Mercy International is to help disadvantaged children reach their highest potential.

Amazing Legacy

Robert Henry Dunk - 1938 – 2017

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First Project

Mercy International’s first project was in the mid 80’s. A trip to Australia was arranged for a badly maimed Bangkok slum boy named Santee.

He had been hit by a car while selling items on Bangkok’s traffic clogged streets. He lost one leg, and the other needed a series of operations to straighten the numerous breaks which had been set incorrectly. After five months in Australia, Santee returned to Thailand with an artificial limb, a strong, straight leg, and the prospect of a new life.

First Children’s Home

In 1986 Mercy International commenced their first home with 12 children in an outer suburb of Bangkok under the leadership of Terry and Marie Barton.

From these small beginnings Mercy International has been able to steadily expand its borders to four Provinces; giving poor children hope and a future. Mercy International focus on underprivileged children, especially those orphaned by AIDS and those suffering with HIV/AIDS.

Mercy International now provides an excellent education for hundreds of poor children in several Thai communities.

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