Khon Kaen

In 2000 Mercy International established a second children’s village in Khon Kaen City, Northeast Thailand to specifically care for children living with HIV/AIDS.

The centre was started with three orphaned HIV+ toddlers and three babies whose mothers died during child birth of AIDS related illnesses. The centre continued to grow with many more HIV+ babies, toddlers and children.

The children were provided good nutrition, lots of love and acceptance.  Despite medical advisors suggesting their lives would be short; they are now teenagers and young adults living independently as accountants, teachers, civil engineers, fashion designers and those working in hospitality, all contributing to the nation of Thailand.

In 2014, a new centre was built on the outskirts of Khon Kaen city.  With more land this enabled Mercy International to continue to provide a loving family environment in a new and bigger setting.

Due to significant medical process changes in Thailand, the risk of contracting HIV+ through birth is very small.

This being the case, Mercy International began accepting babies and young children who are HIV free.  Since then a thriving healthy group of young children and babies are growing up in a family focused environment.

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