Mercy International’s Phetchabun and Phrae farms are working towards sustainability in providing healthy fish, pork, vegetables and fruit for the children.


A fish farm was established in 2007 to provide Mercy International’s children with a well- balanced diet. Fish farming is a simple, economical way to provide an ongoing high protein diet which helps to alleviate malnutrition. Under a controlled environment free from industrial contaminates, thousands of fish can be produced in a short period of time.


The aim of the cattle project is to raise cattle for the market and provide funds for the continued development of the farm and long term sustainability of Mercy International.


Plans are underway to upgrade and increase the piggery to become self-sufficient in providing pork for Mercy International’s children and schools.


Several acres of land is being used to grow vegetables for Mercy International’s children.


To provide an additional supply of protein and fibre to Mercy International’s children’s diet.

Fruit Trees

Several acres are being used to grow fruit trees. The fruit trees that have been planted include favourites such as mango, banana, paw-paw, lime, Asian guava and coconuts. Many are already producing health-giving fruit for the children.

Future Plans

To keep increasing the number of cows

To increase the amount of produce grown

200 egg laying hens

Provide a teaching program in agriculture

Support Sustainable Farming

Your gift will help Mercy International reach our goals for expanding our farming operations and more sustainable practices that will provide food and purpose to many in need.