Amazing Legacy

Robert Henry Dunk – 1938 – 2017

Rob Dunk accompanied with his wife Jean travelled to Thailand as Rob felt God wanted him to find land and commence a program supporting disadvantaged children to break the poverty cycle.  He especially wanted to help young children from being sold into prostitution and enable them to have a Life, a Future and Hope.

In March 1989 – Rob and Jean Dunk stood with Terry and Marie Barton on land 450 kilometres from Bangkok in the North/East of Thailand which was an absolute dust bowl.  The area was dead and lifeless – no animal or bird life existed because of the dryness and nobody lived in the area.  There was no water or electricity and the closest school was three kilometres away. This North/Eastern part of Thailand hadn’t seen rain for three years.  The whole area was dry, barren and the people were poverty stricken.

Rob and Jean both strongly felt that this was the land God designed for them to buy and establish a children’s village and school for poor children.  An amazing journey began with Rob’s faith in God and believing that with God all things are possible Rob saw many miracles.

This dust bowl has become a beautiful and well established haven for disadvantaged children.  The children are protected and well cared for and educated in an atmosphere of love, acceptance and belonging. Rob has left an amazing legacy and the baton has been passed on to carry on the work Rob started.