Sewing Project

Mercy International is committed to developing a program of sustainability which not only produces income but also can be part of the vocational training program. Where possible it will also have a positive impact in the local community by creating jobs.

In keeping with this vision, a sewing program has been established focused mainly on providing the uniforms required by Meata Chanupatham School in Phetchabun and the Education Learning Center in Phrae.   The students who attend the school in Phetchabun each have three different uniforms and in Phrae they have two.

Currently there is two dedicated full time staff with casual staff helping occasionally. Uniforms of a high quality are being manufactured.

The team also produced excellent fitted sheet sets and pillowslips for all of Mercy International’s Children’s Villages.

We are grateful for supporters who have raised funds to purchase machines and fabric.

Another school has asked us to manufacture their specialized uniforms.  To do this House of Mercy will have to establish a special legal entity and a new building.

Support Our Sewing Project

Your gift will help Mercy International expand our sewing project, providing more opportunities for families.